Medical products and supplies

Medical supplies are one of the largest expenditures in most health organizations. However, supplies tend to be very expensive and most health facilities struggle to purchase them ( Most institutions purchase them through a group of organizations and sometimes negotiate directly with the wholesalers or the distributors and purchase them. There are many other ways to get medical supplies and products to medical professionals and to other people administering medical care at home. Below are some of the common types of procedures used and the supplies used.

  • IV Start kit

In a nursing home or a hospital, it is common to find patients who require fluids in their bloodstream using tubes, intravenous bags, needles and securement devices ( This procedure is commonly used by supply teams and is also available with distributors. The kit contains different supplies in it including alcohol pads, prep, scrub, PVP ampule, gloves and securement device.

  • Dressing change trays

This like the IV start kit is a prepackaged tray. Health facilities can access this and purchase this and utilize the supplies in it. The tray has everything that is needed to change the dressing in a central line IV.

  • Laceration procedures and supplies

Laceration procedures are aimed at treating cuts. They clean, close and protect cuts helping them to heal and repair fast ( The supplies available in this procedure include needles, needle holders, syringes, towels, forceps, gauze, medicine cups among others.

  • Diabetic medical supplies

Diabetic procedures require medical supplies to use either in the hospital or at homes when taking care of a diabetic patient. This procedure requires different supplies and they include; insulin, syringes, glucose meters, glucose test strips and even sharps disposal containers to be used for disposing used needles.

In conclusion, health facilities require different types of supplies that help in operation and performance of different medical activities. The above medical procedures and supplies can help the medical professionals a great deal and most importantly the patients.